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Welcome to El Gallo Bakery

Magdalena Martinez-Huerta and her brother Lauro. opened EL GALLO BAKERY in 1949 They were following in their father's entrepreneurial footsteps. He had owned bakeries in Mexico since the early 1920's.

Creating the "Best Traditional Panes Dulces in the USA" was a challenge for Magdalena, because she wanted authentic-tasting baked goods, just like those made in her father's bakeries in Mexico but she had to use American ingredients. So over a period of time, she developed and refined her recipes, using more refine materials, like high gluten flour, sugar, yeast and among others.

Jesus Huerta, now runs El Gallo Bakery bringing it into the 21st century with modern equipment like huge mixers, ovens, sheeters, proffers and huge walk-in refrigerator.

The shop's panes dulces are still as meticulously crafted as if they'd been made in a traditional Mexican shop, using the recipes Magdalena developed decades ago. 

 "Era el año 1949. El mundo se estaba recuperando de la segunda gran guerra, Frank Sinatra rodaba en Hollywood 'De aquí a la eternidad', y la panadería El Gallo empezaba a repartir bolillos en el Este de Los Angeles."

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